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Greer Amps is a company that was founded on some very basic principles...produce a top quality product, make sure it is the best in class, and offer it at a decent price.
Greer Apache
Greer Apache

This Greer Apache amp is in excellent condition and sounds fantastic. Infinity Guitars originally ordered this amp. It is now back on trade. Don't miss out on this one and don't let the 5 watts fool you. This amp has lots of power and tone.

The Greer Amps APACHE is part of Nick Greer's 5 watt line of amps. This amplifier is a small, grab and go amp!  Don't let the 5 watt rating fool  you--this amp is gig-worthy!  Based on the sounds of the mid 60's low wattage amps that had the beautiful overdrive heard on so many  recordings from back in the day, the Apache is the answer to many  guitarists' requests for an amp that had that huge sound, at manageable volumes!  The Apache features a single input, a volume, and a tone  control.  This 112 combo features an amazing Celestion A-Type  speaker! Sometimes simplicity reigns supreme--this is one of those  times!  The Apache features custom Mercury Magnetics transformers, and the highest quality components available!


  • Handwired on a vintage style turret board!
  • Solid pine 112 combo cabinet!
  • 5 Watts Single Ended Class A!
  • 1x5AR4, 1x5881 Tung Sol, 1x12AX7!
  • 12 inch Celestion A-Type speaker!
  • Covered in awesome Fawn tolex, with brown striped grill cloth!
  • 60's tones galore!
  • Custom Mercury Magnetics transformers!

Greer Mini Chief

The Mini Chief is a 3 watt beast of an amp. At home, in the studio, and even at small gigs.. The Mini Chief features Mercury Magnetics transformers and is handwired using terminal strips. The tube compliment is 1x12AX7 and 1xEL84, cathode biased. Producing 3 beautiful watts, this amp excels at touch sensitivity. While most other amps below 5 watts get “grainy and stringy”, the Mini Chief gets angry, like your cousin from down the street after a few too many…this thing is one raucous beast. The tonal range is between small V*x style amps and bigger M*rsh*ll style ones. The Mini Chief also features something seldom seen on mini amps—it has 4, 8, and 16 ohm outputs. This amp is a full on, giggable mini amp, in a beautiful, small box.
Housed it in a simple pine head cabinet, with a milk paint finish that has a NITROCELLULOSE topcoat…that’s right…it’s got nitro on it! This amp will be perfect at your home, the studio, or at small gigs…you could even sneak it into your office, if you’re so daring…we won’t be held responsible for you getting fired or anything like that…just get crafty on sneaking a speaker cab in!


  • 3 Watt mini amp!
  • Class A, cathode biased!
  • 1xEL84 cathode biased, 1x12AX7 tube compliment!
  • 4, 8, and 16 ohm speaker outs!

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