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Greer Amps is a company that was founded on some very basic principles...produce a top quality product, make sure it is the best in class, and offer it at a decent price.
Greer Supa Cobra Overdrive
Greer Supa Cobra

The Greer Amps Supa Cobra is a versatile and touch sensitive overdrive. The Supa Cobra offers the user incredible flexibility in a small form factor, with natural, amp like breakup and sensitivity. The 3 position toggle allows for flexibility in the clipping style and texture. When in FAT mode, the circuit clips in a fat, chewy way. When in LED mode, the clipping becomes stiffer with more crunch. This setting is most noticeable at higher gain settings. When the clip switch is in the center position, the natural drive of the opamp is on display. The body control is a unique control to the Supa Cobra. When set low, the pedal remains cleaner, with less boom on the low notes. When the body control is increased, both gain and low-end presence are increased.

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Greer Moonshot

The Greer Amps Moonshot is Nicks take on a true classic circuit. This pedal is inspired by vintage Germanium preamp circuits of days gone past. Featuring two controls, the Moonshot has a great tonal range, and can provide wonderful texture, when pushing the front end of an amplifier. The Treble/Mid control allows the player to set this pedal as a treble booster, or roll some extra low-end into the circuit, giving more midrange girth and grunt from the Germanium AC-128 transistor. The Master Volume control allows the user to push an amp into snarly overdrive. The Moonshot’s circuit features a voltage inverter, to run the transistor in proper, positive ground mode, while using a standard negative ground power supply. Stacks amazingly well!
True Bypass!

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Greer No. 9 Drive

The Greer Amps No. 9 is one of our simpler designs. Featuring a 4558 type chip, this pedal utilizes diode clipping, to produce crunchy, fuzzy tones. Some people use this pedal to achieve M*rsh*ll type tone, others use it for light gain, and some like to dime everything out, and bring out the rock face.
This pedal features 3 controls. The top left control (ramp) is the volume control, the middle control (bent line) is a "shelf" control. This control allows the user to control the gain and treble. We refer to it as a "shelf" control, because it pushes both the treble and gain higher, as it is increased. The top right control (jagged waveform) is the gain control, and interacts with the shelf control.

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Greer Super Hornet
Greer Super Hornet

Based on one very special FOXX Tone Machine. Nick took the basic building blocks of the vintage circuit, tweaked it, put a little bit of special sauce in the design by using NOS BC-107B transistors, and threw an added feature in the mix. You’ll notice that there is an octave toggle, like on the vintage units that these pedals are styled after…but, that’s not just a straight-forward on/off toggle. When the toggle is in STINGER mode, the momentary STINGER switch becomes active. You can simply stand on the momentary switch, to engage the OCTAVE for a lead run, then come off of the STINGER switch to return to normal fuzz, or even tap the switch, to flutter the octave on and off. This feature is absolutely awesome.

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Greer Tomahawk
Nick Greer Tomahawk

The Tomahawk Deluxe Drive is a great medium gain “second stage” overdrive pedal. This beauty barks and snarls, but it can also lean back and simply shift your tone just a bit. This pedal CAN RUN ON 9 AND 18 VOLTS. This pedal has a purposeful EQ shift that puts it squarely in the “tweed” type tonal range. At 9 volts, it compresses slightly, like the big box tweed amps do, but still has some stiffness to it, just like those wonderful tone boxes did. The Tomahawk is a touch sensitive, dynamic recreation of this classic sound that has a natural and instantly familiar drive texture found on classic albums from so many genres. Grab a tomahawk and add this classic American tone to your tonal palette.

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Greer Pedals at Infinity Guitars Houston Texas
Greer Southland

The Southland Harmonic Overdrive is built on the Lightspeed Organic Overdrive platform.  believe to be the best overdrive on the market. The Lightspeed was built with the specific purpose of being a light to mild overdrive. The Southland is the next logical step for the Lightspeed platform—more gain, with two stages of clipping (utilizing different diode types for each stage of clipping), a focused midrange (not that annoying “hump”), and a bit of presence on top of the signal, to help cut through the mix. The Southland Harmonic Overdrive, like the Lightspeed, is touch sensitive, responds to pick attack, and has dynamics that just won’t stop.
The Southland Harmonic Overdrive will fit with any musical style. If you're looking for two pedals that stack amazingly well together, and can give you a rich, harmonics-filled overdrive tone, then it's time to get a Southland Harmonic Overdrive, AND a Lightspeed Organic Overdrive, today!!!

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Greer Tarpit Fuzz

The TarPit Integrated Circuit Fuzz Machine is the newest release from Greer Amps. This pedal was created out of the desire to have the sound and feel of a vintage Muff style fuzz, with grit, and grind that will sustain for days. Based on the vintage Big Muff Pi variant that utilizes two integrated circuits, with some Greer Amps tweaks (not the standard 4 transistor version), the Tarpit has all of the sounds that one might expect from a Muff style fuzz, and so much more.

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Greer Pedals at Infintiy Guitars Houston Texas
Greer Black Tiger

The Black Tiger features an analog signal path, with a digital delay repeater circuit.

The front end of the Black Tiger is structured in a way that lets the nuances of your playing come through. If you’re looking for a delay that has the warmth of vintage studio equipment, with some slight grain on the repeats, then look no further. The Black Tiger is the answer.

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Nick Greer LightSpeed

The Lightspeed Organic Overdrive is a very natural sounding overdrive. Why "organic"? Well, simply put, it's the clearest, most natural feeling, and best overdrive we've heard for the player looking for a natural drive tone. Blending with the tone of the guitar and amplifier, this pedal has rich harmonics and complex but smooth clipping.

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Greer Texas Voodoo

A collaboration between
Nick Greer and Infinity Guitars.
The Texas Voodoo is a
Texas-inspired pedal that
flirts with Hendrix's and SRV's
heavier sounds The gain control changes the amount of signal being clipped
The GRIT control is very controls the bias point of one of the two transistors. Turning the Grit control up pushes this pedal into a new dimension, pushing layers of complex drive, and (for lack of a better term)-GRIT.
you can blend to your taste.

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Greer Pedals
Greer Little Samson

The Little Samson is a very flexible pedal, with amazing tonal  possibilities.  The idea behind this pedal was to get a "natural, higher  gain, but still FULL," tone. The highest gain cousin to the Lightspeed  & Southland, this pedal gives you chunky drive, with crunched out distortion and singing lead tones; yet, it still doesn't get buzzy or  flubby.  The high end is smooth, with the proper amount of treble.  The  low end stays tight and is amazingly balanced.  The midrange is right where it needs to be...basically, this pedal is the ultimate distortion  pedal.  It remains touch sensitive, and has a front end that is  structured like the input of an amplifier.

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Greer Special Request

The Special Request is a true tone enhancer. This pedal is a single knob boost, but there’s so much more going on with it. This pedal gives you a boost, but it also does a lot more. There’s a “feel” component that comes along with it. There’s  some slight compression that happens, as well as some textural  enhancement associated to a unique and selective midrange performance. The Special Request can be set to unity gain to utilize its assertive  tonal properties, or can equally be used to increase the touch  sensitivity of a good tube amp.  At higher settings the Special Request  becomes more forceful with an amplifier pushing it further into  saturation.  The strong character of the Special  Request has a particular talent in stacking with other drive pedals as  well, creating a more focused, dynamic hi-gain sound.

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Greer Relic Drive
Nick Greer Relic Drive

From sweet light OD to stinging bluestones and some aggressive gain.
This bad boy gets you right into the sweet spot.

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Greer Fuzzy Wooly Bear Silicon

The Fuzzy Wooly Bear is a unique fuzz/overdrive pedal. Can be ordered either with a germanium or silicon transistor. The silicon version is more aggressive.

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