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Tone King Amplifiers
Tone King Amplifiers...
Tone King Amplifiers are  designed by Mark Bartel. The dedication to quality workmanship is unmistakable in all details, inside and out. It's the kind of work that you would expect from a skilled artisan.

Tone King Falcon Grande
Tone King
Falcon Grande

The 20W, 1×12″ Falcon Grande combines the sonic purity of a simple  Volume/Tone single channel design with the flexibility of a  footswitchable 3-position voicing switch, to deliver 3 distinct flavors  of old-school vintage tone inspired by classic amps of the ’50s and ’60s. By using two 5881 output tubes in an ultralinear configuration, combined with a highly resonant tuned speaker cabinet, the Falcon Grande creates its own unique voice – deep, rich, and totally authentic  vintage. An innovative integral acoustic lens controls the dispersion of  high frequencies to deliver a lush warmth and lively presence without harsh brightness.


1x12 Combo
Output Power: 20W
12” Custom-Design Speaker by Eminence
Single Channel with Footswitchable Voicing Control
4-Button Footswitch with LED indicators
2-Knob Circuit, Full Size Spring Reverb Pan, Dwell and Reverb Mix Controls, Footswitch Controllable
22.5″ (wide) x 11″ (tall) x 19″ (deep)
34 pounds

  • Built-In Ironman II Compensated Power Attenuator
  • Precision Tuned Reactive Load
  • Fletcher-Munson EQ Compensation
  • 6 Levels of Attenuation

In Stock
Tone King Imperial MKII

First introduced in 1993, the Imperial has become a proven favorite of guitarists seeking authentic vintage tone. Utilizing all-tube circuitry, traditional spring reverb, and a specially voiced, highly resonant cabinet, the Imperial captures the true experience of playing a  well-worn vintage amplifier-both in tone and feel. Twenty years of research and development have been engineered into  the new Imperial MK II to capture the best of authentic vintage tone while offering a number of useful new features.


1x12 Combo
2-Channel, Footswitchable
Rhythm Channel: Vol, Treb, Bass
Lead Channel: Vol, Tone, Mid-Bite
Output Power: 20W
Speakers: 12”, 8-Ohm Ceramic Magnet ‘Tone King 33’ Made by Eminence
22.5″ (wide) x 19.25″ (tall) x 10.5″ (deep)
36.2 pounds

  • Built-In Ironman II Compensated Power Attenuator
  • Precision Tuned Reactive Load
  • Volume Level Compensation
  • Dampening Factor Compensation

Out of stock
Tone King Ironman II Mini

The Tone King Ironman II Mini Attenuator  takes attenuation technology to a new level with its precision reactive  load and 100% pure transformer coupling of both load and volume  compensation circuitry.
The  Line-Out feature provides Re-Amping or D.I. capability. A unique Solo  feature provides a selectable 3db/6db volume boost under footswitch  control.


30W R.M.S. Maximum
Fixed Impedance; 8 Ohms only
Fixed Impedance; 8 Ohms only
A total of 18 distinct attenuation levels are available
Selects between 6 different attenuation steps
Selectable 3db/6db reduction in attenuation for solo volume boost
Selects between the HI and LO attenuation ranges, to control the attenuation level when the SOLO feature is inactive.
Recording / D.I. output, impedance = 10K Ohms; level = -10dbu
Indicates status of SOLO function
Used for LED indicator only. Power supplied by either internal batteries (2 x AA cells) or external 9V source.
7" Wide x 8" Deep x 1 5/8" Tall
5 lbs.

Out of stock
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