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Hello Randy,
Thank you, wow! thank you! Earlewood 397 is amazing. Beyond amazing. I'm almost 50 and I'm so glad the next 50 years I get to spend with an absolute dream guitar. Any one who is tone, sustain, smoothest play-ability, wow looks, should sell all they can & get a work of art like a Jet. Jeff must be one of the happiest people on the planet to be blessed with such a gift. And the better than asked for deal from you was totally remarkable. I will pass on to all I can how happy I am having been able to purchase from Infinity Guitars. I hope you really enjoy selling and working with the best because you do.

P.S. The key Lime Green & red stain back goes perfect with my Heineken! I correct my self it's the other way around!
Thank you!!! Brian
JET Guitars
Mr Terwilliger,

had been looking at your guitars for quite of few years and always started to drool when I looked at them. When I recently returned from Iraq for a brief period of leave with a little extra coin in my pocket, I decided to take the trip from New Orleans to Infinity Guitars in Houston to see if they played as well as they looked. Well, after sitting down with Earlewood #336 I knew that i just had to have it. The only problem was once I got the thing home I didn't want to leave the house or even put the guitar down. I think I played it for over eight hours one day. It is quite simply the finest instrument i have ever had the pleasure of playing. I was able to get the most incredible tones out of it, and do things i have never been able to do on guitar before. Playing everything from old Muddy Waters songs to Dream Theater was just great. I cant thank you enough for producing such a fine instrument. I think I'm going to have to be buried in it's case along with it! Simply outstanding. It depresses me to even think of it now, I have returned to Iraq and unfortunately it has to sit back at home in its case until September, but I still play it every night in my sleep. Thanks again, I really do love the guitar.

Phil Novak

A few words of thanks for helping me acquire the JET Earlewood # 110.  You don't need me to tell you what a gorgeous piece of work this is. It also has far more tone potential than I could explore in only the short time that I have had it.  I usually plug a new guitar into several amps in the first few hours, but I played the JET acoustically for the first afternoon before plugging into a 15-watt Bogner; and it sounds so damn good through the Bogner that my other amplifiers are still waiting to be introduced.  

Meanwhile, the pedals have already begun to gather dust.  You must have felt some ambivalence selling this one.  

Thanks again,

Steven Dworetz,  JET Earlewood # 110

Hi Randy,

Now that I've had an opportunity to spend some quality time with the JET Earlewood #169, I wanted to share some of my thoughts on it. Right away, after it arrived, I could immediately tell that this was destined to be much more than a "glass case" instrument. This thing is made for playing, without a doubt!  During the week, I played it through my Dr. Z Mazerati at home - sans & any effects - and immediately the difference was noticeable. Very smooth, velvety sound on the Duncan neck pickup...I spent most of the time on that one initially. I just could not get over the resonance and the sweet, ringing sustain. Even feedback has a more musical quality to it on this guitar. At higher volumes, the korina body starts to tremble a bit when ringing out. It's hard to describe, but just a really great feeling and sounding instrument.

Then over the weekend, the band got together and the "oohs" and "ahhs" started.  At first, the rhthm guitarist was gnawing on me for owning too "pretty" of a guitar. But when I plugged it in to my Engl owerball and pushed the tubes to a nice clip, it became very clear that this guitar has quite a bit more than an attractive look to it. I ran it through my effects board with some delay, chorus, a touch of reverb, and a wah...and man, this thing just smokes! We put it through the paces across genres (blues to metal to grunge and over to jazz). Well balanced in all registers, great feel and weight, smooth action (not too high nor too low), and the best overall sound in any archtop I've ever played.   

To sum things up...the JET, in my opinion, is really a top shelf instrument. Though my first inclination was to compare it to the Les Paul, it's clear now that although the look is similar, the feel and the sound of the Earlewood is definitely much different...and to my tastes, much better.  I'm totally pleased with this guitar and want to thank you for being a great guy to work with through the whole process from specification and ordering to final delivery. Kudos also to Jeff T on building an incredible axe! Love it!

Greg Abrams,  JET Earlewood #  169
I got the guitar yesterday afternoon -- it's beautiful, and it plays like a dream (I'd heard a lot about the Jet necks and fretboards, but the comfort and the playability blew me away -- I literally couldn't put it down -- I don't know what Jeff did with the neck finish, but it is as smooth as silk). I really like the color too -- it's amazing how it changes in different lighting -- yesterday night my wife and I swore up and down there was no purple, but then this morning in the sunlight, voila -- there it was, a very nice, dark purple in the tight-grain...
I'll be plugging it into my Marshall half-stack tonight.
Many thanks!

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