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Setups and Repair

Are your strings dirty, or rusty? Is you action high? Is your neck out of adjustment? Don't let your guitar playing suffer.
Know where to take your instrument. Bring it to Randy at Infinity Guitars. Setups and repairs take a special touch. Randy has 14 years of knowledge and experience.


Steel string acoustic and electric string change $13.99 plus strings
Nylon string change $17.00 plus strings
Floyd Rose string change $18.00 plus strings

Setups: includes cleaning guitar, conditioning the fingerboard, adjusting the neck, adjusting action, setting intonation.

Acoustic guitar setup $32.00 plus strings
Bass setup $39.99 plus strings
Electric guitar setup $39.99 plus strings
Floyd Rose setup $47.99 plus strings

Electronic repair and replacement. Rates vary.
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